GTA-Gaming Rules

This page contains a list of rules for all GTA-Gaming players. If you choose not to follow the rules an admin will mute, kick or ban you from the server.

  • No Cheating or Hacking
  • No Flaming
  • No Spawn Killing
  • Do not use offensive usernames.
  • Do not disrespect other players or admins.
  • Do not use the weapon glitches on players who are not aware of it or do not want you using it.
  • Do not jack people who are in the tuning mod shop.
  • Do not abuse a Hunter, Hydra, Tank on other players.
  • Do not Jack or kill players who are on a road trip cruising.
  • Do not ask for admin
  • Refusing to obey these rules will result in a kick, ban or mute

Most Imporant:

* Have Fun! :-)

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