GTA-Gaming Classes

This page shows the various classes available when you play at GTA-Gaming. It also lists the vehicle types available at the spawn points… each class has two unique vehicle types available at their spawn point.

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, Tec9 and Chainsaw
Spawn Point: Hospital in SF
Spawn Vehicles: Ambulance and Banshee

Bar Girl:
Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, UZI and Desert Eagle
Spawn Point: Back Alley Near Gym in SF
Spawn Vehicles: Elegy And Comet

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, M4 and Silenced Pistol
Spawn Point: Navy Base SF
Spawn Vehicles: Patriot And Rhino

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, MP5 and Chainsaw
Spawn Point: Cluckin Bell, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Hotrod And Quad

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, Silenced Pistol and Cane
Spawn Point: Church in SF
Spawn Vehicles: Romero And Turismo

Spawn Weapons: Shotgun, MP5 and Cane
Spawn Point: Under Gant Bridge, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Stretch And Infernus

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, Colt 45 and Cane
Spawn Point: Under Highway next to Stadium, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Tampa And BMX

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, Tec 9 and Shovel
Spawn Point: Train Station, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Combine And Mower

Spawn Weapons: Combat Shotgun, MP5 and Night Stick
Spawn Point: SF Police Department
Spawn Vehicles: HPV1000 And Police

Spawn Weapons: MP5, Desert Eagle and Fire Extinguisher
Spawn Point: Behind Fire House, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Fire Truck and Phoenix

Spawn Weapons: Sawnoff, Silenced Pistol and Chainsaw
Spawn Point: Baseball Park, SF
Spawn Vehicles: Hotdog, Mr.Whoopy And Bus

Spawn Weapons: Knife, Desert Eagle, Uzi
Spawn Point: ally near Weel Arch Angels in SF
Spawn Vehicles: Slamvan

Spawn Weapons: Dildo, Uzi, AK47
Spawn Point: SF Beach
Spawn Vehicles: Monster Truck

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