Admin Irc Commands

The following is a list of Admin commands that can be used from IRC in the #GTA-Gaming channel. Remember that commands are never to be abused.

LEVEL 1 - HalfOpped(%) User

!kick - Kicks the specified player from the game and displays the reason you entered to them. Please always enter a reason for our records.

!nick - Renames the Echo Bot.

!showmessage - Sends an announcement gametext into the game.

!announce - Sends a clent Message To all into the chat text.

!name - Gets the name of a player by enterying a valid playerid.

!mute - Mutes a player.

!unmute - Unmutes a player.

!freeze - Freezes specified player ID

!unfreeze - Unfreezes specified player ID

!getip - Gets specified players IP Address.

LEVEL 2 - Opped(@) User

!text - Sends a Client message to all in the chatbox like an announcement.

!giveweapon - Gives the specified player a weapon.

!setarmour - Sets the specified players armour 1-100.

!sethealth - Sets the specified players health 1-100.

!murder - Kills the specified Player.

!vr - Repairs the specified players vehicle.

!takecar - Takes the specified players vehicle.

!eject - Ejects the specified player from there vehicle.

!respawn - Respawns the player back to the player class spawning point.

!playerinfo - Gets player info.

!time - Sets the world Time.

!weather - Sets the world weather.

!detonate - Explodes the specified player.

!givecash - Gives money to the specified player.

!banip - Bans the specified IP address.

!unbanip - Unbans the specified IP address.

!blowcar - Blows the specified players Vehicle.

LEVEL 3 - Sopped(&) User:

!ircraw - Not sure what this does.

!raw - Sends a Rcon command like ie. !raw Reloadbans

!gmx - Resets the Server Gamemode.

!nick - Renames the Echo bots

LEVEL 4 - Owner(~):

!kickall - Kicks all players from server.

!banall -Bans all Players from server.

!die - Dissconnects the echo Bots.

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